Kees Roos

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Delft University of Technology
Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS)
Department of Information Systems and Algorithms
  Chair: Optimization Technology
Mekelweg 4 (Room: HB 07.100)
NL ­ 2628 CD Delft
  P.O. Box 5031 
NL ­ 2600 GA Delft
 The Netherlands 
Map of Delft

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After the path breaking paper of Karmarkar, in 1984,  I started working on interior-point methods for linear optimization.
Nowadays these methods are extended to convex nonlinear problems, and socalled
semidefinite optimization is an active
area of research, with applications in many branches of mathematics, including
control theory and combinatorial optimization.
The Optimization Group in Delft is active in this field. In 2001 the group hosted the
Stieltjes professor for the year 2001.  "Theory and Algorithms for Linear Optimization: An Interior Point Approach", Wiley, 1997 (sold out) edition:  "Interior Point Methods for Linear Optimization", Springer, 2006 papers Conference Talks Institute 605: Kaleidoscoop (hoofdstuk F, sheets) 062TU: Transportation, Routing and Scheduling Problems HOVO cursus Wiskunde 2009  Curriculum Vitae (pdf)  Oratie Universiteit Leiden (10-12-1999)  Oratie TU Delft (10-12-2003, sheets, toespraak)  Afscheidscollege TU Delft ( 10-12-2010 ), sheets , toespraak , voorprogramma , stamboomW , uitgebreide tekst .

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