Compiler construction 2003 -- practical work


The goal of the practical work is to acquire knowledge and hands-on experience of compiler-writing tools (flex, bison, LLgen) and the implementation techniques for modern programming language constructs (e.g., dynamic binding). This year's assignments consist of modifying and extending the existing reference compiler for the object-oriented language Asterix

Asterix is defined by the Asterix Reference Manual.  The language was devised by John Romein, who is also the author of the reference compiler.


The software needed for the practical work is installed at the "standard" machines for computer science students located in rooms P, G, and K at Zuidplantsoen. On Wednesday mornings (09:00 - 12:30) an instructor will be present for answering questions and assisting with practical problems (e.g., debugging code).

Those who want to work on the assignments at home can use the following software tools:


Assignment 1 14 April 2003
Assignment 2 26 May 2003


Koen Langendoen <>